The Resilient Leaders Foundation offer a number of courses for youth and adults alike.

The Masters in Conscious Leadership Program develops Outstanding Leaders who are Capable, Credible and Confident to use their own experiences for personal and professional growth and lead transformational, harmonic change within their chosen environment. It’s a 12 month journey through everything from the Psychology of Resilience, Harmonic Leadership, Emotional Intimacy and beyond including a deep integration of the teachings from ancient traditions around the world. 

The Young Warrior Youth Leadership Project assists young men and women challenge themselves to a point where they feel they have earned their place in their tribe through teaching the basics of self confidence, personal leadership, emotional literacy and teamwork. It’s a bush program based on the Rite of Passage concepts that were so integral to First Nation peoples around the world. 

The Awakening The Warrior Within Program is helping men find direction and purpose in life by drilling into who they really are, what they truly want and aligning this in all areas of their life. It’s four days in the bush, around a campfire with a small group of men on similar journeys to show up in their lives in a more powerful, positive and serving way.